Pie & Mighty Pies

Delicious, Handmade, Artisan Pies.
Made using the finest local ingredients.

Supplying Chipping Norton and the surrounding area.
Come and find me at a Local Thames Valley Farmers Market.

You can always drop me a line on:
or phone me on 01608 645675.

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Rosemary, meanwhile, was sampling with considerable delight Nathan's pie of the day, which happened to be lamb and potato. A second, chicken and bacon, was also available. Venison and juniper, and steak and London Pride are other favourite fillings. And I do mean fillings. These are not those pitiful apologies for pies in which pastry lid and the meat beneath are united only moments before serving, but old-fashioned examples of the piemaker' art in which meat and gravy are completely enclosed in a casing of shortcrust pastry.

April 2011 Oxford Times Christoper Gray